Tuesday, November 20, 2012

some of last years crazies.

So I have a few minutes on my hand as I seriously praise the Lord for this Thanksgiving break! Unless you live it, you have no idea. Another reason I am FINALLY posting some of these quotes that should seriously crack you up is because I have a stack that is quickly growing. I really do my best to write down the hilarious and precious things that my five and six year olds say. I mean kids really do say the darndest things! So as I clean out the stack of post-its in my tote bag (which reminds me of the Barney bag because you never know what you might find) I'll get some of these off my hand that are a little outdated. Enjoy! :)

(Disclaimer: It is so much funnier if you read these in your best South Carolina, African American voice. Or call me up and I will be glad to reenact for you.)

One morning I was asking "L" where her folder was.
Me: "L, where is your folder?"
L: "It was in my hand and it jump out!"
Me: "Wow, I didn't know folders could jump."
L (in the most serious manner you can imagine): "Dey can jump high!"

I had a super chatty class last year and on one occasion we had to have a class meeting because I was all out of ideas.  I was asking for their suggestions of what else we could do to and I get this idea... "I got an idea! How bout we switch seats." .....you can imagine my response (cool, thanks). I promise we probably got new seats once a week by that point and if you have ever had limited space and 22 children, this becomes a ridiculously tedious task. Needless to say, we did not get new seats that time.

This is one of my favorites if I feel like throwing myself a singles only pitty party. One day, in our normal routine, "J" just walked right up to me, gives me a hug, and says, "You old, you need to get a boyfriend." :) Thanks J.

In Kindergarten we work on consonant-vowel-consonant words (CVC- like cat, dog, mom, etc.) and word families. Well these bring up many interesting words as you can imagine (give the -it word family a try and keep your composure). This particular day we were doing the -ar word family. One of the words is bar so naturally I say, "bar like bar of soap or a candy bar" and I hear "K" say, "or my momma go to da bar."       .....well....     I think that's one of those times when selective hearing comes in handy.

It wasn't a child that said this but it is a moment that I will probably never forget and will probably really appreciate when I'm older (and for the record I was only 21). Kindergarten was performing at the PTA meeting one night and I took a group of students to the restroom. I was waiting outside of the restroom and a parent walked up, seemingly lost. He began to approach me and then turned around. I said, "Can I help you get somewhere sir?" and he responded with, "oh I'm sorry, I thought you was a teacher."  ................ well... yea I was. I kindly responded, "yes sir, I am. :)" ...awkward.

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